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Discussion in 'Firmware Information' started by Michael, Apr 7, 2016.

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    ConnectKey 2016 is out and its a very nice upgrade. I wanted to give an update to how to upgrade your ConnectKey 1.5 devices to make sure you get the new apps after the upgrade.

    Just wanted to let you know that we recently found out that when transitioning devices from CK 1.5 to the new 2016 CK software (073) that was released Wednesday morning, you do not receive the 3 apps (Print By Xerox, QR Code and App Gallery). In order to receive the apps, existing devices have to be upgraded with the following path:
    - 788101v2 (Patch)
    - Then to ConnectKey 2016 which is
    When upgrading using this path and the 3 steps, existing devices going to 2016 ConnectKey Software will have 3 apps (Print By Xerox, QR Code and App Gallery).
    With the Automatic Firmware Updates Solution, we will be upgrading using this path and it will be 3 consecutive nights of updates. So far, with all testing, it has worked perfectly.

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