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    Firmware Connect has been out for a month now and since its release we have found an issue when trying to configure automatic updates on several units. The issue is with certain devices that have ConnectKey shipping firmware Not all devices that have this firmware version are affected. The total number of devices known to experience this issue in the field is 8. The issue is that when enabling the app, the feature to allow updates doesn’t actually change anything resulting in the pop up screen coming on letting you know that update enablement is disabled even after your have enabled it. Firmware Connect is the first tool that has diagnosed this issue and we have been able to let Xerox engineers know. Models currently known to experience this bug (7220/25, 5845/55/75/90, 7830/35/45/55).

    The current solution to this issue is to manually upgrade the device to Spar or Once manually updated, Firmware Connect can be installed and future firmware updates will be automatic.

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